Frequent questions

What are we looking for?

Entrepreneurs with potential, leading innovative companies with technological base and in an early phase that share our vision.

What size of company is able to apply to the programme?

Between 4 and 10 people and with funds enough for the next 12 months. That is the time that we consider as necessary to apply what has been learned in the programme and lay the groundwork for a sustainable growth.

What does the smart co-working include?

Space specially design for digital entrepreneurs of the FinTech sector. It includes all the amenities that are needed to work satisfactorily. Private offices, meeting rooms, skype points, shared spaces, events and training terraces, 24 hours access, high speed internet and much more.

What is the cost of the programme?

We do not want shares of companies. If we did except this as a method of payment, we would find ourselves working with companies who's primary objective is to sell that company for profit. We believe that not all the companies are made to be sold and we want to work side by side with the interests of entrepreneurs at every moment. That is why we charge a monthly rate that includes all the programme services: smart co-working, training workshops, a coordinator for the founders club and a team exclusively dedicated to strengthening the skills of the entrepreuner.

How long does the programme last?

The programme has a duration of 1 year in which we consider that it is necessary at least to be in the smart co-working for 6 months. We understand that during that time some companies's teams will be growing. However, they can still participating in the founders club and the training workshops.

How is the application process?

The applications are received twice a year, a couple of months before the beginning of a new group of companies. Once the convocatory is open, the entrepreneur can apply through an online formulary. During the month of the selection process, the founders will be notified of the steps to follow and the status of each one of the applications. A success aplication will follow the next process: Application of the project Interview with the Grit's team Invitation to meet the Selection Committee